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Product Content syndication

Extend the reach of your e-business through multiple channels.

Perhaps the greatest asset of any E-business is its content. There are dozens of large businesses in the market today that do nothing more than aggregate and sell content. Why shouldn't you? Through the robust suite of Web services included in the Precis E-business Platform, you can push your content out to your trusted partners, dealers, retail stores and more.

Product content syndication

Expand Your Reach

Use product content syndication to leverage relationships with dealers, partners, distributors and retail channels by enabling them to subscribe to your product catalogs via a structured SOAP/XML feed.  Based on syndication schedules defined by you, your partners will always display the most accurate and up-to-date product content available.

  • Empower dealer networks, affiliates and distribution partners to add valuable content to their web sites to create more sales opportunities for your e-business.
  • Monetize your product content development initiatives by increasing availability and brand awareness.
  • Syndicate multiple catalogs for specific audiences and pricing groups depending on business relationships and agreements.
  • Dominate search results and your market place by having your products available in multiple places.  Be in the right place(s) at the right time.

Maintain Branding and Standards

By publishing your content in a structured format you control the presentation and standards of your product content so you can maintain brand integrity, accurate descriptions and pricing guidelines.

  • Offer a repository of images and content to your trusted content publishers.
  • Automatically cascade changes to product content and images via scheduled syndicated feeds.


Manage Multiple Stores

Share product content between multiple brands and stores and aggregate all customer and order data in a single repository for cross channel marketing and advertising opportunities.

  • Syndicate content between multiple stores and catalogs to maximize your content development effort while still isolating key performance indicators.
  • Create customer-specific B2B storefronts with specific product catalogs, pricing branding and a user experience tailored to the audience.
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Customer Success

"As a content rich site, I depend upon search engine rankings to build my business. I tried optimizing the site myself, but found I was spending too much time and getting unsatisfactory results. The Precis team has the know how to build my rankings and I can spend my time on the more enjoyable parts of my business."

- Rick, Owner, Running Planet