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Business-to-Consumer (B2C)

Ecommerce Solutions

User friendly and scalable retail ecommerce solutions

Business to Consumer ecommerce solutions

Ecommerce sales trends continue to grow every year.  In order to remain competitive, a user friendly Web store is no longer a luxury, it's a requirement.  Prospects and customer expect to be able to shop your product, compare your prices and learn about your business.  If you cannot deliver on these simple desires, your competition undoubtedly will.


Extend Your Business

Take advantage of the rapid migration from traditional brick and mortar sales to the online market place.   An attractive and well thought out B2C ecommerce portal can create new revenue sources and streamline sales for your entire business.  It is estimated that most consumers use the Internet to research and ulimately make purchases - this figure grows every year as well as online revenues. 

Attract New Customers

Search engines love ecommerce Web sites.  Shoppers love to use search engines.  Apply the "right place, right time" methodology and have let new customers find you. Our platform is designed to play nice with search engines and is packed with all sorts of tools to attract new customers including integrated and unlimited email marketing, analytics, special offers and more.

Make the Marketing Department Happy 

The Precis E-business Platform was designed with the marketing department in mind.  We understand that products usually do not sell if not marketed and advertised to the target audience.  As such, the tools and features within the platform have been designed to not only play nice with Google, but also to effectively present your product and brand. 


 Highlighted Business-to-Consumer (B2C) Ecommerce Features
B2C Ecommerce Experience
Shopping Cart Accept Payments Online
 Calculate Accurate Taxes and Shipping Manage Unlimited Products
Offer Coupons and Promotions Rewards and Referral Programs
Filter and Sort Products Multiple Images and Image Zoom
Address Book Import and Export Order and Customer Data
Tiered and Volume Pricing My Account Section
Capture and Route Sales Leads View Customer Order Histories
Track New Opportunities Sales Order Entry
Quoting Customer Relationship Management
Search Engine Optimization Email Marketing
Ad Tracking Built in Analytics
Customer Service
Returns Management Knowledge Base


E Business Solutions

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Customer Success

"The end of the year is a very busy and important time of year to our business. With many of our staff out on vacation, Precis came to our rescue to trouble shoot problems with our online self-study programs. Their staff personally called our customers to help trouble shoot issues; hence essentially saving the day for us. The team at Precis has been our partner in technolgy for nearly ten years. It's a great relationship."

- Liz, Deputy Director, Colorado Society of CPAs