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Business-to-Business (B2B)

wholesale Ecommerce Solutions

The savings experienced and efficiencies gained by connecting your customers, sales team and suppliers with the tools and information necessary to self-manage are astronomical. The days of faxing in hand written order sheets for hundreds of parts or having to rely on normal business hours to call in orders are over. The recent explosion of B2B ecommerce processes have clearly defined a new way of doing business.

Business to Business B2B Ecommerce Solutions



Streamline Business-to-Business Transactions

Set your accounts up with custom pricing levels, pricing contracts and quoting tools that allow them to place the order when they are ready.  Enable retailers and trading partners to push purchase orders, create invoices and query shipments through a seamless data interchange.   Don't let an opportunity go stale due to the delays typically experienced with traditional business-to-business. 

Enable Dealers and Wholesale ecommerce suppliers

Extend your capabilities to dealers, distributors and wholesale supplier partners. Offer simple to use and informative B2B wholesale ecommerce ordering portals designed to help partners select and order the right products, parts and accessories with ease.

Turbo Charge Your Sales Reps

Give your reps the features they need to cultivate reorders and total account value.   Track new opportunities, quotes and customer accounts through a single view.

Manage Product Lifecycles and Replacement Parts

Insure that your accounts are ordering the items required to get the job done.  Manage product lifecycles, end of life products and replacement parts.  Create kits and packages to bundle all required items and quanities based on exact applications and configurations.

Short Cut the Sales Process

Enable your accounts to "self quote" items they may need at a later date.  When ready, they can turn quotes into sales.  Also, since your sales team has visibility into all quotes generated by your accounts, they can facilitate the process and shorten the sales cycle.


 Highlighted Business-to-Business (B2B) Ecommerce Features
B2B Ecommerce Experience
B2B Shopping Cart Accept Multiple Forms of Payment (Credit Card, PO, etc)
Calculate Accurate Taxes and Shipping Manage Unlimited Products
Offer Coupons and Promotions Pricing Contracts and Special Pricing Levels
Filter and Sort Products Order by Parts Diagrams
Address Book Import and Export Order and Customer Data
Bulk/Quick Order by Item Numbers Re-Order
Inventory Management Back Office (Accounting, ERP, EDI, Shipping) Integration
Set Credit Terms and Credit Limits Manage Dealers and Partners
Customer Relationship Management
Capture and Route Sales Leads View Account Order and Item History
Track New Opportunities Sales Order Entry
Quoting Sales Force Automation
Search Engine Optimization Email Marketing and Automatic Re-Order Reminders
Ad Tracking Built in Analytics
Customer Service
Service Case Management Trouble Tickets and Service Requests
Returns Management Knowledge Base


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