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E-business Strategy


Out maneuver the competition through planning and execution.

To prosper and thrive online, any organization must first develop a plan for success, complete with goals and integrated strategies designed to drive traffic and convert visitors into valuable prospects and customers.

Precis E-business excels at developing thorough e-business strategies: comprehensive plans with effective tactics and real-time analysis designed to maximize your online opportunities. To bolster our efforts, we draw upon a full complement of strategic services, each refined by years of experience.

E-business Analysis and Forecasting

Upfront research and assessment is critical for any e-business decision – and investment.   We can help you understand the impact of your investment on your business over time and guide you to make the most of your efforts.  Subtle changes to conversion rate, average order value and shopping cart abandonment can make the difference between a successful E-business and just another web site out there in cyberspace.

Information Architecture

The entire structure of your Web site should contribute to achieving your e-business goals. Even the experienced Web user is susceptible to the guidance – obvious and subtle – provided by a well-constructed site.  Simple cues such as labeling, directory structure, naming conventions and product presentation can have a massive impact on your bottom line. 

Competitive Analysis

Understanding of your competition and landscape is key to setting realistic goals and forecasts. 


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Customer Success

"Precis E-business has been a trusted partner of Melton Tackle since late 2000. Our very first serious e-commerce site launched in November of 2000 and provided results that were beyond our wildest imagination. I would recommend Precis to any small or medium businesses that is serious about jumping into the world of e-commerce."

- Jason, E-commerce Manager, Melton International Tackle