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E-business Optimization

outperform your competition

So you've got a great new Website, now what? In order to take your E-business to the next level you will require a comprehensive plan of measurable and actionable strategic tasks.  In today's complex landscape of social media, search engine optimization, affiliates and traditional pay-per-click advertising, finding the right combination of methods and strategies can be down right intimidating.  Our E-business Optimization services are designed to set a strategic course for your e-business built upon our decades of experience. 

The right tools + the right strategies = results

Unique to our E-business Optimization approach is the combination of our experience and the vast tool set found only in the Precis E-business Platform.  Not only can we tell you how much traffic you are receiving, but also how and why.  Then, we optimize ther user experience to convert.   This in-depth and comprehensive approach creates a unique opportunity to not only drive traffic, but to drive the right traffic and then turn it into conversions.  Our strategic offering includes:

  • Paid Ad Management Strategies and PPC Optimization
  • Organic Traffic Development (SEO) and Analysis
  • Coordination of Social Media Activities with Other SEM Initiatives
  • Proactive User Experience Improvement
  • SEM Consulting and Planning
  • Email Marketing Strategies
  • Conversion Analysis and User Workflow Improvement
  • E-business Strategy and Competive Market Analysis
  • Integration support to leverage analytic data between detatched systems.


We've provided successful e-business optimization strategies and campaigns for our clients since 1997 - before Google was even a household name. Our strategies and processes have stood the test of time, regardless of current trends, Pandas, Penguins, strange bird sounds, or other Internet "buzz".


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Customer Success

"Working with Precis has been tremendous in improving our SEO and upcoming marketing ideas. They are very helpful and always so pleasant to work with! I appreciate it so much!!!"

- Poppie, E-commerce Manager, E-Z-GO, A Textron Company