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Web Content Management Features

Hosted Web Content Management SystemYour customers want more than just specs and pricing - they want to know about your business, your culture and your policies before trusting you with their order.  In addition, search engines love content - good content that establishes your business as a subject manner expert.  Included in the Precis E-business Platform is a fully functional and easy to use web content management systems designed to manage every aspect of the "non commerce" areas of your Web site.

  • Manage content, images and information architecture through a simple WYSIWYG environment
  • Manage presentation standards through CSS
  • Deploy entire new sections of your Web site instantly
  • Enable a complete search engine optimization (SEO) strategy
  • Create landing pages for ad campaigns in minutes
 Web Content Manager Features by Type
Web Pages and Information Architecture
Define Directory Structure Define Page Names and Site Map Location
Set Directory Permissions Define Directories as "Premium Content"
View Individual Page Analytics Check In and Check Out
Clone Pages, Save as Template WYSIWYG Authoring Environment
Create Working Copies Restrict Directory Viewing Permissions
Define Content Workflow and Lifecycle Assign Tasks and Activities
Unlimited Page Templates Create Landing Pages
Articles and Content Items
Define Structured Content Templates Set Timing to Publish and Remove
 Auto Populate Web Pages with Filtered Items Managed Defined Regions of System Web Pages
Document and Digital Asset Management
Upload Images and Assets from Desktop  Reuse Assets Across All Modules
Embed Images, Documents and Media into Web Pages Bulk Upload Files and Media
Search Engine Optimization
Auto Generate Google XML Site Maps  Full Control of all META Data
Search Engine Friendly URLS Clear Path to All Web Pages


E Business Platform

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Customer Success

"The end of the year is a very busy and important time of year to our business. With many of our staff out on vacation, Precis came to our rescue to trouble shoot problems with our online self-study programs. Their staff personally called our customers to help trouble shoot issues; hence essentially saving the day for us. The team at Precis has been our partner in technolgy for nearly ten years. It's a great relationship."

- Liz, Deputy Director, Colorado Society of CPAs