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Lead Manager Features

sales lead manager dashboard

Don't let interested potential customers slip through the cracks.  Most sales do not occur at the first contact - a successful sales process requires multiple contacts and touch points that are best nurtured over time.  The Precis Lead Manager turns simple information requests into actionable sales leads. 

  • Save all inquiries into a structure sales lead workflow
  • Track activities and append notes
  • Insert leads into automated drip email campaigns
  • Schedule follow up calls and future interactions
  • Capture prospect interests and marketing sources
 Lead Manager Features by Type
Sales Lead Capture
Capture Leads from Forms on Web site Unlimited Lead Types and Queues
 Product Specific Inquiries Capture Detailed Prospect Interests
 Full Lead Analytics by Referral, Keyword and Source Grant Prospects Access to Premium Content
Sales Lead Management
Customizable Workflow Activity Tracking
Append Notes to Leads Leading Routing
Lead Scoring Promote Leads to Sales Opportunities
Sales Opportunity Management
Track Opportunities through Customized Workflow  Task and Activity Tracking
Forecast Opportunity (Funnel) Value  Create Multiple Quotes from Opportunities
Create Orders from Opportunities Append Documents and Media to Opportunities
Define Contact Roles within Opportunities Route and Assign Sales Opportunities
Marketing Automation
Insert Lead Contacts into Drip Email Campaigns Groups Leads for Re-Marketing
E Business Platform

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Customer Success

"I, and my company, have been working in partnership with Precis for nearly a year. What has been truly remarkable about our partnership is that we've never met face-to-face, nor do we have a 30 lb. formal contract. Yet, from the first time I spoke with their President, I got the sense that he operated with honesty, integrity, high energy, and enthusiasm. Working with Precis over the past year has more than proved that my initial impressions were correct. When they say something will happen, take it to the bank."

- Adam, VP, Wistia