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Service Manager Features

customer service dashboard

Nothing fosters repeat business better than great customer service.   By offering your customers the flexibility and options to resolve questions and issues quickly, your E-business will better function and become a target for referral business.   The customer service tools in the Precis E-business Platform enable your customers to gain access to a rich repository of content and tools specific to the products and services they purchase from you.   In addition, no more embarrassing "slip through the cracks" incidents that can exhaust service resources and moral.

  • Publish both a public and private knowledge base for easy look up of sought after information
  • Book service cases, trouble tickets and incidents though a structured workflow
  • Assign tasks and activities
  • Allocate resources and assign due dates for important service deliverables
Customer Service Features by Type
Knowledge Base and FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions Product Knowledge Base 
Related Articles Unlimited Article Categories
Product Documentation Management Private and Public Articles
Service Case Management
Assign Product, Service and Resources to Service Cases Track Recurring Contracts and Agreement
Allow Customers to Initiate Support Requests Returns Management
Customer Service Portal Threaded Discussions
Route and Assign Service Cases Activity Tracking
Set Due Dates and Deliverables Attach Documents and Media to Service Cases
Create Dependent Activities and Tasks View Case History
Schedule Automated Incident Follow Up Emails Send Notifications of New Activity or Comments
Resource Tracking
 Resource Usage by Account Resource Usage by Task
Resource Usage by Product or Service Resource Backlog


E Business Platform

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Customer Success

"As a content rich site, I depend upon search engine rankings to build my business. I tried optimizing the site myself, but found I was spending too much time and getting unsatisfactory results. The Precis team has the know how to build my rankings and I can spend my time on the more enjoyable parts of my business."

- Rick, Owner, Running Planet