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Precis E-business Cloud HostingE-business cloud

scalable Infrastructure

Your customers expecT 24/7 access, security and performance.


A successful E-business can turn on a dime and deliver products and services at any time of day and under any circumstance.   In the past, you had to plan for traffic spikes and maintain hardware and IT resources based on the "worst case scenario." Not only was this inefficient, but horribly expensive - hardware becomes obsolete, someone has to manage it....the headaches went on and on. 

Not anymore.  Our E-business Cloud is has been designed to take all the cost, frustration and inflexibility out of E-business.   By using cutting-edge technologies such as virtualization, we can create highly flexible and scalable E-business Infrastructures in near real time. 


All of your data resides in VISA PCI Type I and SAS 70 Type II Certified Data Centers.  We leave nothing to chance.  Our E-business Cloud is designed to deliver amazing performance and reliability without cutting corners.  Included in every solution are state-of-the-art firewalls, monitoring and managed backup services required not only to protect you, but give your customers the peace of mind in knowing that they are dealing with a trustworthy company.  Click here to download our PCI-DSS certificate.

High Performance

The speed of your Web site can dramatically influence buying decisions.  Customers do not like to be kept waiting when they are trying to give you their business.  Our entire cloud hosting environment is equipped with load balancing and caching designed to deliver your content instantly.  Images and content are cached to deliver the optimal customer experience while browsing your Web site.   Additionally, your Web site will have access to ample bandwidth and network services designed to deliver your content via the shortest path possible.

Built to Scale

Virtually unlimited resources can be provisioned to your account instantly. Additional memory, processor and storage capacity can be added so you can jump on opportunities in real time.  Through Virtualization, we can cater the unique hosting needs of every customer in a high-availably, clustered manner without being bound to the physical constraints of a traditional application hosting model.  


Our usage based model requires that you only pay for what you need.  Traditional hosting configurations require expensive plans that allocate resources that are wasted and not used.  Not us - our E-business Cloud Infrastructure allows us to configure your infrastructure based on the actual needs and traffic patterns of your E-business through virtualization.

E Business Platform

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Customer Success

"The end of the year is a very busy and important time of year to our business. With many of our staff out on vacation, Precis came to our rescue to trouble shoot problems with our online self-study programs. Their staff personally called our customers to help trouble shoot issues; hence essentially saving the day for us. The team at Precis has been our partner in technolgy for nearly ten years. It's a great relationship."

- Liz, Deputy Director, Colorado Society of CPAs